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No, you shouldn't go through pots that quick but it's entirely possible to do it. You don't give out a boatload of important information:

Is the furnace gas or electric.
If gas, where's the burner?
If electric, how far from the elements is the pot?

What heat up schedule do you use now? The whole schedule please.
What turn down rate do you use.
Is the pot full or empty or hald way when you shut down.
How often do you turn it on and off.
What do you melt?
What temp do you melt at?
How often do you melt?

If our crucibles were lasting as long as you describe in general, I wouldn't have much of a business. Your experience suggests that you are doing at least one and maybe more than one thing in an unfriendly way to the pot. I like to see a pot in my own shop run about 70 cycles, perhaps 90 based on melting at about 2250F and turning the furnace up to 2375 for five hours after the melt cycle is complete. Sometimes ( With the black) I go up to 2410F which Is hard on the pots but they are still putting out.

Time is really irrelevant in melting life. The number of times you go up to temperature and down again is the significant figure here. If you were melting five times a week for 12 weeks that would be 60 melts. If it were being turned on and off, that would do damage to the pot and shorten its life so 60 or less would not surprise me. I think ideally in a studio you want to have enough glass to run for five days and then recharge. That makes for a 70 cycle pot to last over a year and that is what the bulk of my clients get. BUT how you treat it is really significant.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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