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Cracking weights

I have been making a paperweight design that I have done for a long time. Lately they have been cracking on me. The design involves picking up a small piece of R 61 white on the pipe , gather and roll in various frits, expand and collapse, then case and form into relatively round paperweight. i heat the bottoms of these weights and form a small indention to finish bottoms. These have been cracking usually with one crack that goes through the base center.

I have been using R61 for a long time without this problem. I used some polarized filters and can see there is stress in the weights. Yesterday I made a clear weight with the same motions. It shows no sign of stress. I made a second weight with a transparent color . It also showed no sign of stress.

Is there anything to be learned from the nature of the cracks in paperweights? If it cracks with mainly one crack that goes through the base could that mean it is an annealing problem rather than a fit problem. Can using certain colors affect how much annealing is necessary? I think I will try to bring these weights up a little more than annealing temperature and annealing them for a longer time to see if the stress comes out.

Anyone else having fit problems with R61.

Thanks for any input.
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