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Wow, it's gorgeous. Does exactly what I wanted. Pops right out of the furnace and has that beautiful fiery glow. It is also possible I screwed up my first melt of the 5% somehow, which has always been a thought in my head.

Added half of Dave's borax after reading boron was helpful, added .75% cryolite for same, doubled pot nitrate, pulverized the lithium with the STPP, small charges with stirring to maintain furnace temp as high as possible throughout the melt. There was only a very small patch of scum on the surface, similar in size to a patch of frogs eggs one sometimes gets. Raked off nice and easy. Gorgeous glass underneath. I suspect the patch would not have formed if I had stuck around for an extra hour after I put the last charge in to stir. Just need to adjust expansion now.

Thanks everyone!
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