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Those patches take forever to go away by themselves. If it's bubbles, I don't rake, I squirt them with a windex type bottle on straight spray.
Given Durk's suggestion regarding the formation of borates as an unpleasant side effect of the borax plus moisture, it makes me wonder if it might be better to use boric acid or anhydrous borax. The boric acid would bring expansion down, something borax really doesn't do. I tend to put the nitrates in a coffee grinder since all of that stuff is prilled now and the things are too big.

I was charging a cobalt silver opal and a copper ruby yesterday and had time to consider Volf on the subject of strontium and it doesn't really quite say it can substitute in part or whole on the calcium but it is clear to me that the less calcium the better if you don't like Apatite chunks. It was wise of you to crush the STP in the lithium. It's a favorite trick.

I haven't tried a copper ruby since I left New Mexico. Doing that with a moly is a futile exercise but with this little gas furnace I'm running now, my old 7,000 feet in the foothills formula was rather intense and a thread the size of a human hair struck very well on the outside of a clear gather, to the point that I cut the copper content in half and still have a red strike going on a punty whereas the goal was to have it strike in the annealer. Making it as a phosphate might be remarkable, sort of like those old Mother of Pearl colors Zimmermann used to make.
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