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well, as I said, making it might be remarkable, so when I get it, I'll remark in better detail. .

In general, your glass is chock full of oxygen no matter what you do. All those carbonates. If you break your glass down in , moles, you can really see it. So you need something there to "reduce" ( make smaller) the 02 everywhere. Black tin works well. So would metallic copper but would be a PIA,

The formula for Tri sodium Phosphate is Na3PO4. Sodium tri phosphate is Na5P3O10 but each one would have oxygen glommed on to it. The old guano was really about 55% calcium and around 42% Phosphorous and oxygen. The theoretical formula for it is Ca5(OH)(PO4)3, but it varies. Real bone ash is hard to find and you really will have a lot of trouble with the calcium in it making apatite crystals which are really gross.
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