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Gold is dissolved. Only seemed to take a few hours. Did 5g in 1/2 cup HCl and 1/4 cup nitric. (which still seems like a lot of liquid) Visible dark fumes were coming off of it for a while at first which made me nervous even though I had the jar covered with a piece of plate glass but then that seemed to subside. There's still this kind of acrid odor around it because it's not sealed I suppose. Would I be able to mix the sands in a pyrex container that has a snug-fit rubber lid to "seal" the fumes in there, or will it need to "breathe"? And lastly, why add even more HCl to the mix instead of just pouring the aqua regia solution onto some sand? Seems like even more acid to have to evaporate then. Sorry if I'm just overthinking this..
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