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Erbium Pink, Brossphate Opal

I've been goofing around with Dave's awesome opaline recipe and an erbium recipe I cooked up. The phosphate opal at 2.6% doesn't do much out of the pot for me in my process which is thin cups and some glassybaby tests. It does, however, make an excellent, beautiful, consistent, striking fire opal in bar form, which I've shown here. I plan on doubling the phosphorus on the next melt and see how it goes for me.

I also melted a 10% transparent erbium. I made an educated guess on how low the erbium would take the expansion and my initial adjustment, before melting, turned out compatible. I'm going to try and lower it 1 point to get it spot on but I was pretty thrilled with that. This stuff is expensive. One less melt to pay for. Erbium also does a color shift from "it's a girl" pink in daylight or incandescent light to a pretty electric fuschia under florescent lighting.

So what I have here is Dave's opal turned into bar and then overlayed and then the same thing but with a hot dip of the erbium pink. I just love the juicy transparent layer on the bottom of this piece.

I'm also loving that this forum is on to page two already. Thanks Pete for breaking this one out. It's pretty convenient to be able to see it all in one place.
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