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Infinite range controllers

I used to use these little electric range controls which were common on kitchen ranges. The simple ones had a "Low Medium or High" position and then there were ones which had a 1-10 and the a high setting. The 1-10 is the one I'm looking for. I have looked in Graingers and in McMaster Carr and even Johnson controls with no luck.

It was a squirrely underengineered device and they did fail quite frequently but it was great while it worked, doling out amps to kanthal elements in the world. Does anyone have a notion of where to get them these days OR something else that is suitable for the same function that is cheap. I'm building a kiln for MB to fire her jewelry in and she wants to be able to control the amps going in to elements individually so her firings are even. The whole mess will have a master MDR run by a love controller, of which I have a lifetime supply.
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