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Not yet....

My high tech ventilation system (BIG ass floor fan) had a plastic knob fail.

Remember those screw down (not the split bolt) bus connectors in the hooking up elements thread?

Guess what I did with one of them?

Actually it was that spare plug prong you get with every 220 plug that fits nothing known to man. The "handle" on that was a tad longer than a bus terminal would be and the switch is getting friction cranky so leverage was needed.

Number scales leaves opportunity for artistic creation.

Now that's ghetto...but only faux ghetto...looks old and jury rigged but just a poser.

If you must have a knob sometimes those giant hardware cabinets in Home Depot/Lowes include a drawer full of different knobs.

In Pete's neck of the woods I would more envision a cranky old hardware store clerk in an even older hardware store having a box full of knobs of the correct persuasion hidden away in a dusty alcove. These would, of course, be historically correct...elevating the project into yet another dimension.
Art is not a's a way.
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