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Parker Stafford
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Re: Furnaces, Glory Holes , Burners

Originally posted by Pete VanderLaan

Denver Glass Machinery
2800 South Shoshone St
Englewood Co 80110
303-781-9067 fax

These guys build Kanthal wire element furnaces. They are the most inexpensive thing out there I think although Thumb may have them beat.

So if you need a glass furnace that sells for about four Grand, give them a call. It's instant gratification.
Denver makes three electric units, and they are all invested. One is a 60 lb capacity, the next is the unit I have used for the last 5 yrs, the EF 240 (130 lb capacity), then the larger unit that melts 200 lbs. I have found that the smaller unit runs through elements very quickly due to tight element windings and probably some watt loading issues. The thinking here on the part of the maker is that this is really a unit for the weekend warrior or hobbyist, so element life shouldn't matter too much (it should always matter folks).......except some people interested in using the smaller unit in a production studio find that they are having to change elements on a quarterly basis (I know a couple of people who did this and had to get rid of the unit since it was a bit like trying to get a lawn mower to do the job of a bush hog).

The two larger units don't have near the problems associated with element life. 9 months is not unusual. I recommend using the elements for the 200 lb unit in the 130 lb unit and sizing up the relay and the service at the panel. This will result in quicker melts, and temp rebounds after squeezing or idling. If I start charging at 3:00 p.m., I am finished by about midnight, ready to blow the next day.
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