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Blowhose and swivel

Ok I have been using this swivel for the last year and I don't think you will ever find a better quality swivel then these. Both legs swivel so no more unwinding your blowhose. He also sells neon electrode boots. The 15-16 mm boot will fit nicely over the standard blowpipe. Snug fit easy on,off and super light weight. I noticed he is selling direct thru etsy so I thought I would post it here for easy shopping. I have nothing to gain if you buy one just feel it is a superior product that is worth owning. If you use a blowhose you will thank me. I use the 1/4" swivel.

If there is an option to say you will be using these for off hand work or where you heard about them please do. I would like to encourage him to explore our market. I'm going to guess there are as many off hand glass workers as scientific workers these days.
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