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I never thought much about the quality of the swivel till I experienced the diference. I'm still back and forth on the neon boots. They always go on easy but sometimes I find myself wrestling them off. That's ok now and then but in production it can get tiring. I found 1" heater hose goes on the blowpipe easy on and off. Maybe a little sanding first to scuff up the rubber and a wrap of electrical tape outside to tighten it up as it wears. I have the swivel in a rubber stopper in the end of the 3" piece of heater hose.

I will try to describe what works for me. I have a braided necklace the hose attaches to. The necklace has a piece of stiff wire a few inches long running along the bottom of the loop. My blowhole attaches to the wire with a few wraps of tape. This keeps the hose from folding over and makes the mouthpiece easy acses always landing in the same spot on my chest. I do not wrap the hose around my neck or through my shirt it just hangs. When I'm not connected the swivel end goes in my front left pocket for easy reach. I know that may be hard to imagine and I'm sure it won't work for everyone but it works well for me.
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