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Sunbelt is really interesting. They sell recycle grit as well as new and have excellent prices on both. I've never used a recycle but the interesting thing on SiC is when it fractures, it has a sharp edge. I'll try 50 lbs of each and if the recycle works out, I'll get a drum.

...So, I can't do fifty lbs of the new grit. It is $1.30 lb in 300lb drums and they don't want to break down a drum. They would however sell me two 50 pound boxes of the recycle in 120 mesh for 1 dollar a pound, an excellent price. When SiC fractures, again it breaks sharp and this stuff is recycle from a coarse grit. I'll try it out and report back. The brand new is $1.30lb in 300 lb drums, probably a bit more than I will need in this lifetime. But Sunbelt runs away with it as the best deal.
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