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Dan Vanantwerp
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I had no idea who was making the Iron Maiden glass or where they got the formula. Seems to me that you have made no attempt to keep that formula secret though. I sense that you are bitter with Josh Simpson for taking credit for it and wanted to make it clear who really did.

Also seems to me like I'm just the sort of person you should be courting rather than pushing away. I have a real interest in making my own color and even tried very hard to find a way to see money get back to you for using your formulas.

I'm sorry you have been screwed over so many times, but I have no intention in ever doing that. I really respect your career and expertise. The amount and depth of information you have bestowed on the glass community here is staggering. I don't take crap or insults though and if this is the way its going to be I'll be on my way like so many before me.
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