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Originally Posted by Don Geiger View Post
Pete and all,

Good day to you.

There is no way I can afford to make my own glass. My plan is to mix color at the torch: again, CMOG library assistance proved the viability of this idea. John Burton demonstrated it and I think one of the students in the YouTube video is Ms. Fowler.
I can't say much. Mixing colors at a torch is not something I've done. Nominally, gold rubies require leaded glasses to make a good ruby although some literature supports the notion of a weak ruby from it. I mix up gold sands to make my base additive of gold and that's described in Fynn Lynnaard's translation of the Thuringen notes of Wilhelm Schmidt. I certainly expect that the Rakow has that book. It will only tell you about batch and additives, nothing else.

I don't know quantitatively how one would measure fuming onto glass to obtain color consistently but it sound to me like that's what you want to do. Folks do it with silver and I believe do it with either a chloride or a bromide lump. Gold as a chloride is normally in an aequous solution, not a solid, or at least I've not seen one as a solid in years. Normally gold is weighed as a "Dwt" or a penny weight. 16 pennyweights to the Oz. It's perverse.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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