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Those damn archives again!

Every single atom that goes into any given glass helps determine what colors can be made with them. There is no panacea and not even close to one. It strikes me that if you want to seal colorants in the tube, they had best be the pure metals with no oxides to gas out. You're going to need a seriously accurate scale, not one of those drug tools.
Expansion does not matter in coloring just the glass bones. Some of these atoms are quite toxic in proximity to your nose by the way.

And yes, the Ladies in the Rakow are truly remarkable. A great source of pride for me was when John Bingham, Henry Summa and I donated all the proceeds from selling the Hot Glass Information Exchange to the Rakow which allowed them to buy their first computer.

If you are indeed serious, buy Volf before it's gone.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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