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Talking Found a short YouTube of her mixing color

Originally Posted by Larry Cazes View Post
Ive been torch fuming Gold and Silver on Borosilicate for 8 years now and its still not an exact science but it is a viable method. Sue Ellen Fowler actually produced a DVD some years back that outlined her techniques for torch mixing her own Boro color using clear tubing and chemical colorants. I once owned a copy but its long since been lent to others. Im sure if you search on line you can find it.

I found this YouTube video of Suellen Fowler mixing color at the torch. It is under five minutes long. In this one she shares the chemicals she uses to make the color too. Sighs, not how much of each but it is better than what I didn't have.

Based on the intro glass work I'd bet this was linked to the video you recommended.

Thank you once again.


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