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Originally Posted by Sky Campbell View Post
We have been down this road before so not sure if I care to get into another pissing match. My question is where did you get your information?

If you care to call someone out for bad information it would be nice to do it with some facts.
Facts?, we don't need no stinkin facts!

I do tend to think that anytime your are breathing something strong enough to affect the color of a reasonably molecularly secure thing like hot glass and to actually change its color, your brain is probably interacting with the material as well. If you can smell it, you're interacting with it. I know of no cases of poisoning attributed to that process. That being said, I don't know if its bad for you but I equally find it unlikely that its good for you either. Given the known interaction with the brain that Arsenic causes ( major headaches) being off gassed from lead arsenate white enamel powder, I'd tend to use a really good ventilation booth if I was considering this.

But once again, it's not the materials we use in glass that are killing glassmakers. It's alcohol and Tobacco.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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