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Bradley: That's very cool that you are able to do that with the SP color base. Given that you're adding the nitrates to your stuff, I doubt you really need the base. Conventionally, rubies made in a non lead base are far weaker in intensity than those made in a lead. Further, it's unusual to see rubies made without a trace of Selenium. You might try adding it. That's great work and I appreciate your thoroughness. What kinds of effects is this having on expansion.

I don't view aqua regia as being that scary. You mix it, you wear gloves, blah blah blah. Gold is normally sold by the pennyweight ( a dwt) and there are sixteen dwt in a troy ounce of gold 24 ct. I always mixed that up in a beaker with the ratio aqua regia 2 cups nitric acid, one cup hydrochloric acid added the gold shot (28 dwt) heating it gently over several days and then adding that to 100 grams per dwt silica and mashing that around . Dry it, then add it to a lead base batch.

You'll find those little ampules of gold chloride to be profoundly expensive compared to making up your own. It's true of silver nitrate as well and I make that too.

Take a look at a book that Finn Lynggaard translated from Wilhelm Schmidt in the Thuringen factory. Finn does a great job of describing the process. The book was simply called "recipes" I believe the working copies to be long gone but I would expect the library at Alfred should have a copy, a small blue hardcover book.
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