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Originally Posted by Bryson Cutler View Post
Josh, thats interesting about the lanthanides. Ill keep that in mind.
I think our batching would be mixed with a base of crystal so maybe 4% would work. Luckily, the cost really isnt a problem - we're used to spending thousands of dollars on colorant haha. Assuming the batch isnt a total wash, we will be able to use and sell it no problem - even if the color isnt exactly what we want.
So, the rare earths may not have much sway on your LEC, but 4% of anything added to your regular batch base can have the potential to throw off proper ratios of everything else that's in the mix. That's something that Pete has cautioned me about here in the past. There's no way around the trial and error though. Hopefully you have the ability to do some smaller test melts at Blenko, that could save a lot of money for spending on colorants later.
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