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my experiences

The Blockhead blocks work very well, though the students tend to burn the throats out while learning.

We have Putsch pipes in the 26mm and 20mm and I have been happy with their performance over the past 6 years. I feel they are better balanced than Steinerts and I do not have to straighten them as often.

Just last Spring we got some Cutting Edge chromo-moly pipes and punties and the students prefer the balance of them over the Steinerts. They are the .095 wall thickness but still have managed to get bent slightly. I used to use Putsch 20mm for my work but now use Spiral Arts smallest pipe and 10mm punties. I really like them. I have one of their "cup pipes" but never use it because the balance is not as nice as the smallest ones and the head is too large in diameter.

I stocked the shop with Moore hand tools and have been happy with durability with student use. My personal hand tools are a mix. I started out with Moore small jacks and tweezers (1989). Then went to Carlo cup jacks and medium tweezers (reworked the tips). Now I have and love the Moore goblet jacks, a bit pricey but worth it. Putsch Maniconi diamond shears and 60mm straight shears (reground tip profile) have been great. I finished out with a pair of Moore cup shears. Jeff of Cutting Edge graciously allowed me to try a pair of his goblet jacks but I found them to be too stiff and the blades too thick.

While I rarely use my Carlo cup jacks now a good friend has a pair of the mediums and large. The mediums are nice and I prefer them over Moores but the large are large and heavy and I like the Moores here. The school also has a pair of the Moore cup jacks but the goblets are worth the extra $100.

I have used friends' Dino jacks (most sizes) and tweezers over the years and wish I would have bought some when they were still available. Anyone have some for sale?!

Well that is enough 2 cents for now. We have some other tools in the shop but I would like to hear others opinions.


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