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In conversation with Charlie this morning, he want to pull the pot from the crown. He says he has an evenly split crown with arch support and that it works great, so I am going along with his design since he has built a boatload of them. The trouble with my rectangle is that there is a lot of unused space you have to pay to heat. This doesn't bother me and I put three pots in the furnace anyways, not one. I do it out the front because I've always done it out the front.

You have to pay attention to the watt loading that each element provides based on both the hot and the cold zones. Each one changes as it's sizing changes. Mine runs about 20,000 watts. The wattage has to be able to drive the size of the furnace or you will have the equivalent of a VW bug on a hill with a ton of lead in the back seat. One of the big troubles with the wire furnaces which are really just converted ceramic kilns is that while they might have the physical capacity for a large pot, they do not have the amps to get it hot enough to not drive a pro shop nuts.
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