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Originally Posted by Josh Bernbaum View Post
Have folks had problems with breaking the crowns on moly furnaces while doing a pot change? If it sounds like the elements and passage bricks need to be removed even if the furnace design is a front-pot access, is it that much more problematic to remove the crown too and stick with the more straightforward top-pot change design which should allow for maximum structural integrity of the furnace?
The problem I see with the existing crowns are that they are flat, not arched. Most of the parts replacements we are doing are related to the kind of glass being melted. Sadly the Spectrum nuggets are a common denominator in most of the parts failures. We just finished a long test comparing Engineered Ceramics pot to High Temp pots using the nuggets. In both cases the pots experienced really substantial pitting in short order to the point where we are just not going to recommend high alumina pots to people insisting on using Nuggets anymore. Our next set of tests will involve melting SP87 in the same containers and seeing how they do comparatively. We will have all the test samples at Seattle GAS. What was interesting in the testing was that there were no signs of free alumina in the melted glass which would indicate to me that the China Clays in the formulation are what is being attacked and dissolved readily. You have to have some clay in the mix. . That would be consistent with the damage we see on fireclay and silicate parts to the furnaces as well. ( the door area).

The other thing that has to be considered in these failures is operator inexperience. It's quite formidable in many cases. The bigger furnaces have the biggest problems. Anything above a 24 inch pot has a very big unsupported area and the crown really wants to sit down.

Getting vents on these furnaces is going to be critical.
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