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Controllers, electric , Gas hardware

Abell Engineering Co Inc
P.O. Box 198 Kimberton PA 19442
610-827-7156 FAX

These guys design burner systems for those of you that can't. Largely they package existing technology from other companies but if you don't know how and you want to pass inspection, call em up.

Infinite range controllers and elements. Other hot things that give electric shocks also available.

188 State Street suite 21
Portland ME 04101
207-774-3291 e- mail

Digitry offers controllers that will handles up to five furnaces at a time. Their users are fiercely loyal. I consider the units to be a bit pricey, around $1500.00 , especially considering how the prices have collapsed on single "ramp and Soak " units. I think they are worthwhile in a facility where equipment is totally stationary. If you move things around at all, the wiring gets sloppy. Also, if the unit goes out, everything in the shop goes down. But, like I said, people love them.

Dwyer Controls
219-872-9057 fax (e mail)

I love these people. They have a 16 ramp controller at 1/16th DIN for $180.00 The manual sucks on how to wire it but they work great! Some people have complained that they are hard to program but I don't have trouble and I am electronically challenged. The electrical connectors could be stronger.
Get their catalogue. They also have cheap monometers ( air pressure) and flow meters for Gas that are really useful if you like pinpoint accuracy- which you need to make color.
The downside is that they are really slow. It took two weeks for me to get a bottle of manometer fluid.

ISquaredR (I can't spell stuff like this)
12600 Clarence Center Rd
Akron New York 14001-0390
Jack Davis
716-542-2100 FAX

Silicon carbide elements, Molybdinum disilicide elements and all the stuff to stick them together.
They will design systems for you to build electric units and sell and service the equipment as well.

2501 Phoenix Ave. NE 87197
505-884-0824 ( instate)
Infinite range controllers, Hi temperature wire for ovens,chromalox products. really oriented towards household appliances but they have some very useful stuff I can't find anywhere else.

Omega Corporation
P.O. Box 4047 Stamford Ct 06907-0047
1-800 826-6342
Controllers, thermocouples -all types thermocouple wire, chart recorders
Omega is kind of pricey but they are fast. I have never had trouble with them backing up what they sell. Tech support is adequate. If you need it tomorrow, call them.

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