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I think that's interesting to me that Chuck is doing the classes at both Penland and Corning. Penland asked me to do it a number of years back and I had to turn them down over the pay. I charged $1500 per student in both of my last classes and they both filled completely at 12 students each so, do the math. Penland was only willing to pay me $500 dollars a week to do the same thing. I don't know what Corning pays.

To do it at $500 a week at Penland would have actually had me losing money. It was a great honor to be asked, but do the math. I find that the number of people actually willing to take that kind of class is limited which is part of why I only taught occasionally. I had to build two furnaces to get to the number of pots I wanted to see. These classes will be interesting to see develop. In my last two, we ran 14 crucibles full time with ever pot getting a new batch at least once a day for five days. That's a lot of color. It certainly tired me out.
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