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Originally Posted by Mitcheal Veenstra View Post
Now I'm about ready to start! I've resurrected my old electric color pot and will start out with the cullet colors to see how things go. I know gas would give me more options,

I applied for the August Chuck Savoie class in Corning. Time to start learning this stuff. My goal is to have tried at least a few pots of cullet color before the class. I hope I get into it.
Fritting cullet has the advantage of driving off a lot of the oxygen in the glass which is necessary if you want to make reds and ambers of specific types. It can certainly be done in an electric, you just probably have to dose up the reducing agents more which can make things liver up.

As to opaques, John Croucher told me the boro guys were adding zirconium to the boro cullet and getting opaques. I've never tried that but I'll listen to anyone who does. Mark wants me to go all in with Titanium. I believe that but not in a cullet.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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