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If you lifted those doors off of their frames, and removed all of the rigidized fiber, it would expose a plate that runs the length of the furnace. The plate leans against the furnace itself and was cast as a beveled piece. The plate has two openings in it of good size and the doors cover the openings.
When the furnace is cold, the plate is simply picked up and removed. That exposes the guts of the furnace and the pot comes out thru that opening. For smaller pots, they can simply come out thru the door ports.
On long furnaces, this causes a problem with sagging of the crown, and the plate has to snug in under the crown itself. That means that the crown must be jacked up- literally and have the plate removed. Then the jack comes out, new pots go in, then jack it up again and re-install the plate. The entire process takes under an hour. I have used this design on gas furnaces for twenty five years. My only concern is mass at this point although I haven't quite decided on how to install a "kill switch".
I envison having the elements on the remaining three sides. of the furnace.
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