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Inspectors are your friend and your insurance company should have no issues because of everything being inspected. How ventilation is handled can be an issue. Our Wisconsin Code didn't have a "Glass Studio" classification. At first the Building Inspector was going to put it under a classification in which I would be required to "temper" my make up air, heat it before blowing it into the studio for the exhaust to immediately pull it out. He saw the futility of that, and after some search came up with the classification under which Foundries and Black Smiths fell. Under that classification the only concern was exhaust capacity. That was a huge savings. My Building Inspector was a great guy and was really helpful. He allowed me to do all the gas train I just had to have a licensed plumber test it and sign off on it. I was fortunate. But they're just doing their job... and they ain't going to loose it over you.
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