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It is coming and I think it will be problematic just based on the size of the things. About the size of a snickers bar, they will most likely explode in the furnace, not a good thing at all for the wire furnace people. That's my opinion. I am aware of testing going on.
Cheyenne asked me my opinion of the cullet scene yesterday and it took a full single spaced page to express it. Fundamentally, importing cullet from Europe is nuts. Without naming the various supplicants, you are going to see expensive stuff. I saw the number $2.00 lb actually being paid.

The trouble I see regardless of price is that none of the cullet makers can meet the weekly demand for the stuff. Tooling up is remarkably expensive and anyone who does that could be knocked out of the competition by yet another startup with better field position. That makes for a scary scenario and invites the notion of a balkanized cullet industry with a variety of manufacturers trying to sell their stuff. That will make for a variety of different cullets, all unhappy with commingling in the furnace with a different glass.
But Kugler is coming, Parriot is coming, cristalica is here and unavailable, gaffer so far is not in, Spruce pine is not in, Oceanside is not in, and there are others. Not a one can meet demand.

The best bet out there is Spruce Pine 87 batch with Erbium snowflake version and today, I believe Olympic Color is their best customer. I melted my formula in the snowflake that SP mixes for me and they mix it better than I can. Talk about easy melting bright high luster long working 96 glass. You need a respirator.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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