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Dan Vanantwerp
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You seem to have adopted the memory of Henry Halem rather than the facts given by Tom which were as follows:

Henry: The original SP had very high Lithia as you say suggested by Nick but because the viscosity was so low it ate everyones tanks and pots like pak man. You reduced the lithia and voila SP87.

Tom: Henry, That is not correct. Where did you get your info?

I have to say we got lucky with a short learning curve but we did have Nick's help. The first stuff that got melted at Penland was made to the orginal formula and which had no lithium. As I remember, the stuff was so hard to melt it got cooked at high temp for 24-36 hours perhaps the source of you stories. We were trying a relatively large grain local sand. We tried screening that sand to get a smaller grain but that didn't work. I remember only two people got some of those first runs. We tried changing the source of the sand and added the lithium at the same time and by the way it was the maximum amount suggested. We should have tried changing one thing at a time and used less lithium and then increasing it in a series of tests but that was not done. The result was the 92. We only took out a little soda to make the 87.
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