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Then I continue to not get it.

On the cullet front, there's nothing wrong with Barium beyond it being a heavy metal (lite). What is disastrous is putting Borax in with it in amounts around 3%. It will go after your furnace and your pot.
When Tom asked me to rework the SP, it already had barium in it but no borax at all. The driver is the lithium. I went after the replacement for the lithium which is a heavy lift. I would not describe it as "A little nitrate". It was carefully considered in multiple rewrites of the glass. The barium /calcium ratio was equally considered.

The Cristalica and the GLASMA suffer from using both materials. I think GLASMA is indeed a beautiful glass but really requires operator experience or you'll see stones. Cristalica has been criticised as predicted for dissolving furnace parts. After that criticism, they claimed that they had lowered the Boron content but to the same level as is described on their fact sheet. So, what was it really, or was it really changed? Peter Kuchinke has disowned them at this point.

Spruce Pine is an extremely benign glass when it comes to corrosion compared to others out there.

To clarify, I wasn't brought on board to help bring Cristalica to the States, I contacted them and arranged it. I don't regret doing that but I have been quite disappointed in the glass when compared to the claims they asserted. I would far rather see a Spruce Pine 87 cullet out there. I have no financial dog in that fight.

As to Spruce Pine 's formula being in open view, Tom profoundly regrets naively having ever made it public. I am more than willing to respect the wishes of Spruce Pine on the front over intellectual property and will not encourage violating it.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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