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Dan Vanantwerp
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I was recently practicing low bowls and made a clear version with Cristalica and one with SP87 w/ Erb. The Cristalica one was clear or "bright" on the edges while the SP87 noticeably was much less so. Eben said they have addressed this with some higher purity materials and the Texas Sand. The analysis I listed for SP87 (from an earlier post) showed a 0.5% of barium which could easily be raised and balanced with all that calcium to find a good modifier middle ground....albeit pricey as barium is north of $1.50/lb. I think you saw that, too.

Your history with barium as a material is a little lacking so I think it's pretty obvious that Cristalica and Glasma were the spark. In two long posts you never denied it. Nothing wrong with inspiration for a new formula but as you once said in reference to Josh Simpson....attribution would be nice. Might be a little sticky though if a NDA was involved.

I don't recall reading any complaints from you about fining it out Cristalica. You were promoting Scott's quick overnight melts as the SOP. Although you have been known to downplay the quality of glass needed by those who make widgets and order in tonnage...pretty damned derogatory of you, really.

As far as the insults, I quickly realized that the PVL list of people called Turds is likely to be a "Who's Who" in glass and beyond. You don't play well with others do you? The pattern throughout this forum is that something sneaks into your business relationships and suddenly you're being taken advantage of. I would absolutely love to hear the other side of the stories.
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