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I'll freely admit to being the one who brought Cristalica into the US. I invested in it. After getting the early test materials here, I was discouraged by the melt results. I told Andreea, who won't comment any more here about the boron issue. I offered to do a re-write and was turned down which did not surprise me. They had their money in Peter Kuchinke who then had this remarkable come to Jesus moment a few months back. He bailed in a humiliating public way. I had pulled my investment out of Cristailica about a year earlier and things turned to shit really fast.

Now, I suspect that the increase in output pushed in Dobern had an effect on the output snips and they weren't pretty. The dirt? I don't know but I do know that furnaces of the type are ingenues. Treat them right or they shit the bed.
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