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It gets me to the observation about pricing cullet again. Cristalica may cost $1.00 lb before shipping but I continue to believe that the place is subsidized by the E. German Govt. It's easier to do that than to send out welfare checks. I think it's true at Reichenbach as well.

But that's not quite my point. If it was the case that Spruce Pine cullet was actually available, what would people pay for that? It has always been a very sweet and easy glass to use and it is really easy on a furnace and pot. The wire melter folks are up shitcreek. They can currently watch their tooling dissolve with a cullet that's kind of short. just cheap. They can't really melt batch easily at all. Now you may not think $1.00 lb is cheap but try making your own glass. I think $1.50 would be cheap but $1.75 is actually viable. I'm curious about what real price cullet would do to the actual final sales prices for work. My clear already costs well over this unless I can tag on to industrial volume purchases, which I do. I would make and sell SP7 cullet at $1.75. I have doubts about $1.50
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