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As the Glass Facilities Manager at Ball State University, we've been charging Cristalica twice a week since August, in what was then a brand new, natural gas fueled, 560 lb. round day tank. We melt the Cristalica ~50 lbs./hour at 2250, cook for 6 hours, drop to 2050 and hold there for 3 hours, then back to our preferred working temp. of 2150. We are obviously an educational studio, so glass quality isn't priority...but 12 hours after the last charge goes in, I would put the quality on par with what I was turning around while managing the SPB charges at the UrbanGlass studio.

The furnace refractory doesn't show any more signs of deteriorating than any other furnace I've used after 6 months...and we have introductory students dripping on the sill, students learning charge, to ladle, etc.

For liability reasons, we won't bring dusty batch into the studio. For educational reasons, we want a glass that we can blow, sculpt, and cast and this seems to fit that bill well. With SPB trying to maintain an on-hand inventory of 40 tons, we will continue our patronage in that direction.
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