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Originally Posted by Max Epstein View Post
I know my furnace was already falling apart, but both doors are totally cooked now. And everything seemed to start deteriorating much faster after the switch to Cristallica 8 months ago.
Pete, you'd need a warehouse like OCR in Atlanta, maybe one West, too, to help with shipping, methinks. Especially if you melted your blend or had it available, I could see a lot of business coming your way. But it's definitely risky as the big players might decide to step back in for the $$$.

I have to move shops, there I might be able to do batch. Not here. And I also do mobile gigs, so cullet is preferred. I know I'm in the minority.

It would be nice to have a product free from all the issues you bitch about.
I'm quite aware of the logistics as well as the capitalization. Eveline and I looked really hard at this a few years ago doing it in Shanghai, but the Western ports were simply not reliable. . I would not do it there but it would be American in nature. It takes a village as they say.
Price is really critical. $1.00 lb cullet is something that is subsidized, I'm certain of that. Borax is not something friends let friends put in glass. Good cullet will cost more, period. If this happened it would be SP87.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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