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There's absolutely nothing wrong with talking about Boro here if you take Shawn's observation into full account. I'm pretty interested in facts based stuff on Craftweb and as long as that's the thrust, you'll find no resistance from me.

Craftweb has managed to escape flaming garbage or stupid simply outrageous claims elsewhere through a simple rule about your real identity. I do actually check out every new application. They have to make sense and then, they're welcome. I'm sure I make mistakes but I indeed try.

I can't make a separate Boro board without sacrificing something else so, it should stay in General discussion. So far, Katie has been unwilling to upgrade the site and I am not complaining about her generosity over the last twenty years. For someone I've never met. We really trust each other.

Have at it. Response will tell you a lot.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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