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I totally get that. Honestly I'd be very happy with a stand alone torch forum, but I'm a little too busy to moderate enough to keep it from getting infected by the bong tribe. There is so much to offer in flameworking, but the focus always seems to get diverted to if you can smoke out of it, how many wigwags you put in it, or check out this implosion brah.

Not to belittle the torch, but really there's not that much tech to it, aside from the advancement of color, by comparison. I love this sight because you(we) specifically avoid try to merit "art", and focus on solving problems. And making terrible jokes. I'd hate for that to change.

A torch is a tool, same as a kiln, glory, and everything else in the studio. If the emphasis were able to remain in that I think it has a place here, but I don't know about doing at a cost of useful information. That being said I rarely use the supplier board.

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