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Take caution with ABR, I have yet to receive an order where something wasn't wrong. If you check ratings online you'll see I'm not the only one. They also don't let you buy off the shelf, pre order only, which is almost unheard of for a glass supplier.

Mountain has always gone out of the way to fix it IF something is wrong, and that's a pretty big IF. They are also super cool if you have a chance to make it down to Ashville and rummage though the warehouse. Word to the wise, take a limited amount of cash if you go, it's like sending a compulsive gambler to vegas. Come on man I just need one more rod!

I also highly suggest taking an intensive class somewhere. I'm not as familiar with the Canadian schools, but 2 weeks at Pilchuck, Penland or Corning can be highly transformative when starting out.
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