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I'm talking shop tech stuff, not actual making technique. For the greatest part this forum is more of a facilities how to, and less of a goblet instructional. Unless you are trying to rig and maintain an oxycon set up, the tools and materials handling for torch is far less intensive than what you find in most hot glass shops. It's the exact reason you have so many more people like Randy going the torch route for the home.

You do have more people starting to mess with making color in the boro world, but that has never gained that same type of traction that the hot glass side had. It's a huge logistical step to introduce a proper furnace to a torch shop. When you already have the equipment at your disposal on the other hand, it makes things significantly easier. What is interesting is the proliferation of professional boro suppliers, while no major hot glass color manufacturers have come to plate in 25+ years.

Straight skills wise, we're all in the same glass animal family. How we break down in to genus and species is what makes us unique, but not better than the other.

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