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Cullet shortens melt sessions and it's far easier to top a pot off with cullet and to not have to consider volition loss. Then you can start in on the downsides of cullet but from my chair, I don't see people actually caring about glass quality at all. That's disheartening.

I want my glass right, seed free, high luster taking color really well. I'm in a minority it seems. This cullet war will not serve people well. Who has the capacity to deal with a 2000lb supersack? Who wants candy bar cullet that will explode in the pot? Who wants dirty Grade B cullet from Cristallica? Parriot will probably have a good product. He's a smart guy but I doubt the ability to meet demand. 11 tons a week is a lot of glass and I think that's about what the US demand is.

And this doesn't address mismatch at all.
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