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I actually agree about the Spectrum melt, I'd say about 90% cooked before it was shipped. You could tell easily by comparing the nuggets to the bird droppings, tonnes of bubbles against something relatively water clear. There was also a handling issue with the nuggets. Not sure what kind of juggernaut packaging system they were using, but they usually came out of the bag in rough shape. Although that looked like it was cared for like a new born against the "flake" or the cutoffs.

Chem wise I'm not as nuanced, but there was a major difference switching from 2.0 to cristalica. I had a girder above my flue that collected but a dusting of Boron over 3 years from the Premium. There was 3x6" cake built up after 6 months of cristalica. I was actually surprised by how uniform that stalactite formed, didn't get a chance to preserve it before it fell.

System's and spruce's original follies seemed to be quality over quantity then flipping the script. Cristalica seems to be following suit. I'd wish one of the window plate companies would get in the game, the quality and quantity a single factory is able to process in a day would meet US demand for a year. Maybe not quite that fast, but those behemoths are a sight to behold.
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