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It's a forced acceptance unless one wants to either make their own glass or to use another commercial batch glass which requires concerted effort on the part of the facility. Having been down this shortage crisis road more than a few times and having limited volume needs, I get to use my own stuff. Often, it is admittedly a nuisance bu given the freedom of coloring it, I'll go this way everytime.
But until one cullet shows up that delivers a reasonable quality as well as supply capacity, this will continue to be a crapshoot with work stoppages. Parriot's stuff seems to bear promise right now but then again, few have tried it and supply hasn't really been stress tested. . We thought Cristalica would fill that role and it has failed as has Kugler apparently in terms of acceptance. Even so, if anyone wanted to actually make a decent clear glass in the USA, it would be a no brainer. Fundamentally importing clear cullet from Europe is nuts.

You would think someone would objectively field test this stuff and adapt based on the feedback. Right now? Eat your vegetables.
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