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It's hard but I think it may be necessary to compare it to the various schools of painting that dominated starting in the late 1800's. So many styles and they eventually kept replacing each other as the public became charmed.

Glass had a revelation in 1962 that one person could design and execute and that lasted for some time, not as long as some might think but by 1974, teams were making glass and by 1977, the artist was not necessarily handling the glass at all.

The technique barrage began in the 1980's and the private studios were doing all the innovating that had once been the purvue of the schools. As long as the market supported the endeavor, it grew. That persisted into the year 2000 at least. It really came apart in the big crash in 2008. We were already seeing diminished sales based in volume of glass people alone but that crash really kncked the wind out of the progress. Since then. boro people have been pushing the envelope since they could afford smaller studio set ups.

I would not want to be trying to make a decent living selling glass right now. I can only say "diversify".
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