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Originally Posted by Warren Trefz View Post
Worked at Paran back when Mark Lorenzi owned it and Richard just started there as an assistant. Still can recognize some of the style techniques in the work Richard is doing today. Last I heard Mark was living in Hawaii, anyone know for certain? In Wisconsin, Mark lived in an awesome 1930's school house that at one point had bee hives in the basement and still had a large hive in the walls so occasionally there would be a swarm of bees in the windows. Somewhere I have photos of UW shop which then was pretty rough and in need of updating. Too many years ago.

That's cool.

I worked for Richard as his assistant for 10 years. My first summer involved moving the shop into a new building next door which was an awesome education in plumbing and electrical work. He still calls me in to work the crowd and demo on gallery nights sometimes. I'm better at talking to people in that context than he is and I love it because... free shop time with an audience.

The last I heard Mark is still in Hawaii. I barely got to work with him as he was leaving the business when I started. That old school house was awesome and I'm sure if he'd held it for 10 more years it would have doubled in value.

The UW shop was insanely rough when I did my degree there. They too have moved to a much updated space since I graduated.

That's all right. I never expected there to be a blue light special on enlightenment...
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