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Originally Posted by Shawn Everette View Post
Art programs really do an awful job of preparing you for the outside world.
There's an understatement if I ever heard one.

Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
It really came apart in the big crash in 2008. We were already seeing diminished sales based in volume of glass people alone but that crash really kncked the wind out of the progress.
I finished grad school at the beginning of 2007. I tagged along with my wife to live in Burkina Faso for nine months starting in November of that year. It was a great experience, but I got to watch things back home start to crumble. Teaching jobs were disappearing along with all the others. Faculty ready for retirement were opting to stay meaning tenure track lines weren't opening up. Couple that with the already established trend of using adjuncts made finding a position for a newly-minted professor impossible. When I got back to the States in the last quarter of '08 I couldn't get a job flipping burgers.

I didn't go to school thinking it would make me a more successful/better artist/glassblower/whatever, I went to grad school to teach (the only practical use for a MFA). I'm now 10+ years out, and my degree is "stale." There's a certain trajectory you have to navigate to be successful in academia. My wife has done it, and her career is going places. She's in the opening stages of curating/mounting a show at the Smithsonian. I can't even afford to pay my student loan bills. About all I can say for myself at this point is I can still dress myself.

Having to rethink all of this shit at 50 really sucks.
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