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I finished my undergrad in '07, didn't know what to do other than not be a production guy, so I got a gig as a goldsmith. After about a year it became pretty obvious that I didn't want to spend the end of each day looking like a came out of a coal mine so I ditched that for grad school. Had the exact same premise, I'm here to teach; and as the years unfolded noticed that same tenure cling evolve to adjunct only horror to my dismay. After some application frustration I ended up going the nonprofit route, its own special vow of poverty. After some management reshuffling and tremendous effort that ended up as a pretty good gig.

I can't say as I'd recommend anyone to grad school at this point, especially if you'd have to pay for it. Don't really know to blame the programs or the universities for making this mess, but degrees are hardly what they used to be.

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