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Originally Posted by Sky Campbell View Post
I like the way you all think. Keep it up and I’ll have the market cornered. I’m down here in sunny Florida blowing glass in the summer because I want to. It has allowed me to achieve my dreams humble but non the less a happy fulfilled life. As long as the people that say it can’t be done stay out of the way of the ones doing it anything is possible.

Chase happiness not money.
I couldn't agree more about the happiness aspect. Things are easier when the act is well lubed with cash.
In the '80's, you could do two shows a year and have a completely full dance card making your very best work. Five employees was common. I remember a guy named Brian Maytum actually taking over one million in orders for uninspired work at one show. Just remarkable. I would not want to do that. When I had single orders at 75K, they were hard to fill with the quality required.
But the shows changed coming into the new century. Too many shows, too few buyers and the shows got too expensive for everyone. It was ripe for change but it was too many dixi straws in the aquifer. The shows were making money but not a lot of artists were. They struggled
In 1976, the writing was on the wall about teaching. The schools that wanted glass programs all had their dept chairs filled. The push to justify careers for budding artists moved into factories as designers and it was a disaster. None of those big shops could make the things designed and so they didn't. The next step became the private studios and the schools had real reservations about it. The private shops dominated from then on in success and design innovation.
I haven't seen one of the glossy magazine in years but I do remember them being absolutley crammed with galleries selling glass from familiar names out of the private shops. I would wager they're gone at this point. The count on this board has almost 1000 registered members. Lurkers are almost always in excess of 300. That's a lot of people. My attempt to count a number of years back ran in around 9,000. You need a serious business plan to compete with them.

But if you've made it work and you're happy, good for you. It's really not that common.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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