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It was OK for us up until the time we had two kids. School devours your income and your time. Educating them was what I considered my most important job living in a town with several white flight schools and dismissed public facilities. We went to white flight and by the time Amy was out of High School it was up to 16K per year. That probably sounds cheap now. Her Smith education ran 40K per year in 2004. Bren had a full ride at UNH.

I can't say enough about diversifying. The crucible business makes all the difference these days. Moly components did for some time but now they have 25% tariffs thanks to Crime Boss Donald. I know a number of people now who are building small houses on their land solely for Air BnB and they are booked much of the year. It lets them travel, but again, no kids. I keep suggesting lighting as a line in glass. It's everywhere. Cremation is another creepy solution I've seen work, for pets. Just don't have a lot of debt and only hire when it's critical. All those shops with multiple benches back in 2008 didn't survive.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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