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And good for you for that, unfortunately as many have illustrated on here glass can be a cruel mistress.

I believe that there is value in higher education, but that the arts have been notorious for lacking in that value to cost ratio. Considering that the current generation is looking at a near lifetime of debt to not use their degrees, it's a hard argument to support. I've know instructors to tell a class full of students that only a single one of them would keep doing glass as a livelihood, ultimately they were right.

Fortunately right now I get to teach adults(actual grown ups) how to make glass for the hell of it, not as an attempt to make a living. I can get behind their enthusiasm about their projects, and any subsequent monetary gain on their part is a fringe benefit. While I loved being in academia, the current political and economic climate has made me glad I've moved to the private sector.

On a positive note I've been a fan of the 4th Turning theory, with any luck we'll hit a high point in a couple more years.

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